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Blair Witch Prosecc: A Blair Witch Inspired French 75

A light, gin-forward cocktail reminiscent of the crisp woods that inspired it. Today we’ll be looking at a riff of one of my absolute favorite cocktails paired with a cult classic that every horror buff is familiar with. The recipe for the Blair 75 uses a base of a French 75, a gin-based champaign cocktail named for its light but powerful punch. The Blair Witch Project was a cultural phenomenon, when it reached audiences in 1999, and revived the found footage genre. The titular Witch never makes an appearance, but their presence always is felt, and the suspense derives from the main cast’s reactions to horrors on and off screen. While the conditions of the actors are morally questionable at best, it’s safe to say The Blair Witch Project changed the genre of horror forever. Using the setting of the film as the main inspiration for the drink, it was best to start with a strong London dry style gin. This helps provide a piney, bitter base for the cocktail. To bring in some sweetness