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The Count's Flight: An El Conde Inspired Cocktail

Sweet and rich flavors pair nicely with this uncommon cocktail base as we bring in flavors that would be true to the region of the film. The Count’s Flight is a light cocktail that has sweet floral notes that all come together for a nice sippable drink for this slow burn of a film. El Conde is a 2023 Horror Comedy and Dark Satire, that portrays Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, as a centuries old vampire yearning for death. After spending his most recent years in a secluded estate with his wife and familiar, he decides to get his affairs in order. As his children arrive to discuss their inheritance, they bring an undercover nun named Carmen to help sort out his many assets. Each party mentioned having their own motive for when Pinochet finally meets his end. The dark, disturbing satire of the film is best seen when the military clad creature of the night feast on the people of his country, a scene that is as on-the-nose as it i